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Why I'm Writing This Blog

My husband died. The Earth shifted. I wanted to die too.

Reinventing Myself - A Grieving Widow's Journey is my attempt to provide some solace to other grieving widows. Women who lost the other half of their whole. Women who felt the rug pulled out, who lost their footing.

My grief journey began on January 16, 2017 and continues each day.  There is hope.  There is light.  And if we let our hearts crack open, there is love.  There is a place in our hearts for our beloved husband's memory.  I was deeply in love with my husband, and he, with me.  We spent nearly every moment together and were partners in marriage and business.  I didn't think there could be life for me after his death, but there is.  

Here I am. If one morsel of what I have to share about my continuing recovery from my husband's death helps one grieving widow, I'll be happy. I hope my experiences bring some comfort. Thank you for hearing me. 

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